VIDAWORKS Is Proud To Welcome Ryan Evans To The Team

Introducing Ryan...In his own words.

            What’s going on, everyone? My name is Ryan Evans and I am very happy and honored to be a part of VIDAWORKS. My area of expertise is in words. I started writing at just 5 years old, composing short stories mostly focused on fictional military exploits. At the age of 21, I enlisted in the Navy after spending my first two decades searching for direction. I did my basic training in Great Lakes, Illinois, just outside Chicago. From there I went on to technical school at Center for Information Dominance Unit Corry Station in Pensacola, Florida. I received orders to Commander, Submarine Group Seven in Yokosuka, Japan where I was stationed for forty-one months and handled communications and mission support for submarines deployed over two fleets. To this day, I dream about Japanese food at least once a week.

            When the time came to either re-enlist or return to the civilian sector, my passion called. I returned to school with the intention of using my GI Bill benefits to pursue writing full time. I’ll be graduating this summer with an Associate’s of Applied Science in Journalism with the intent of continuing my education up to the graduate level.

            When I think about what I bring to the table here at VIDAWORKS, I’m reminded of the Navy. I am a firm believer that my service to my fellow humans did not end when I hung up my uniform for the last time. I take great pleasure in giving back and doing what I can to produce the messages and copy that will fulfill your personal and professional goals. I’m reminded of the comradery I found in the service and look forward to promoting that same family-like “I’ve got your back” environment. I do not see “clients”. I instead see human-beings and the potential for professional relationships, bonds and friendships.

            When I’m not writing words, I enjoy reading them and have become rather obsessed with building my personal library. I also enjoy heavy metal and am probably the most mediocre guitar player you’ve never heard of. Beyond that, I’m a gym rat and believe weightlifting is my meditation in motion. I also love eating, traveling, all things horror, single malt Scotch whisky, lazy days with my bulldog, Banjo, and of course, spending time with my nieces and Godsons.

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